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Large Flow Submersible Pump

Axial flow submersible water pump, which is a large flow low head water submersible pump type, the motor driving the pump is submerged type fully enclosed three-phase asynchronous submersible motor. The submersible water pump and motor shaft are integrated. A large flow electric submersible water pump is in long-term underwater operation, with a series of traditional unit’s incomparable advantages.



Because the submersible pump head and submersible motor together, a large flow submersible pump can diving into the water at the same time. There is no need to carry out power consumption and time-consuming assembly process at the installation site, which is convenient and fast for on-site installation.

large flow submersible pump 7Product Features

1. Easy operation, flexible, can be opened and closed at any time unit, no need to lubricate the pump before starting the rubber bearing,
Easy to achieve remote control and automatic control. The unit is easy to assemble and disassemble and easy to maintain. It is the
Most thorough way to solve the problem of flood control of pumping stations along the big river and lake area with water level tension.
2. The long shaft between pump and motor is omitted, and the reliability of operation safety is improved.
3. If the variable frequency control is used, the input power of the motor can be automatically controlled to adapt to the change of water
Level, to save energy and reduce consumption.
4. It can also realize remote control, establish the central control room, and truly realize the modernization of pump station management.

large flow submersible pump 8Product Parameters

Discharge Dia Model Flow Head Power
mm QSZ type m3/h m kw
200 QSZ300-6-10 300 6 10
250 QSZ500-5-13 500 5 13
350 QSZ800-3-13 800 3 13
400 QSZ1000-3-18.5 1000 3 18.5
350 QSZ1100-10-45 1100 10 45
500 QSZ1500-4-22 1500 4 22
500 QSZ1250-5-30 1250 5 30
550 QSZ1600-4-30 600 4 30
550 QSZ2100-3-30 2100 3 30
550 QSZ1600-5-37 1600 5 37
550 QSZ2000-4-37 2000 4 37
650 QSZ2500-3-37 2500 3 37
550 QSZ1900-5-45 1900 5 45
650 QSZ2400-4-45 2400 4 45
750 QSZ3000-3-45 3000 3 45
500 QSZ1800-10-75 1800 10 75


1. Agriculture irrigation and discharge.
2. Municipal rainwater and sewage water discharge
3. Fishery irrigation
4. Water transfer project
5. Shrimp factory
6. Flood control
7. Drainage
Quality Control:
We test each submersible water pump before delivery, such as dynamic and static balance testing, material analysis testing. Submersible pump is submerged fully in water for 48 hours to test leaking or not.

large flow submersible pump 6


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